Welcome to Athens-taxis.eu

The Athens-Taxis can arrange transfers to and from Airports, Ports, Train Stations, Buses, Marinas or any other destination you wish in Athens and throughout Greece 24 hours a day.

It allows you to rent a vehicle for your personal journeys (shopping, entertainment, doctors, etc.) as well as safe transportation of your children (schools, nightlife, etc.) with long wait times.

We have designed the tours in the best possible way with consistency, respect, comfort, and safety through the most representative and traditional sites of modern and ancient Greece knowing to you the unique history, culture and democracy of this country by closely visiting the archaeological sites and modern venues, museums and unparalleled artwork.

During these wonderful trips you will be able to photograph the landscapes, monuments and views while firmly believing that they will be unforgettable forever.

Our fleet is made up of luxury cars and is staffed by partners who have been selected with strict criteria so that they can provide our customers with safety, comfort, discretion, consistency and speak English.

Our partners comply with all legal licenses and insurance cover provided by Greek law.

In-car credit card payment is available, as well as an invoice.


To / From Athens Airport

El. Venizelos1200X600

To / From All Cities

Athens 1200X600

To / From Bus Stations

Bus Station 1200X600

Transfer Envilopes & Parcels

Parcels 1200X600

Shopping Day Tour

Shoping 1200X600

To / From All Ports

Port of Piraeus 1200X600

To / From All Hotels

Hotel 1200X600

To / From Train Stations

Train 1200X600

Corporate Business Taxi Services

Busines B 1200X600

Tours To All Around Greece

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